Welcome to LoRusso Painting LLC

If you are here then you are probably in search of Professional, Honest and Skilled painters. 

We are happy to tell you that you can rest assured that you have come to the right place!

Nobody is perfect at their chosen skill immediately. You perfect your skills through time, practice, and determination.

Well Jacksonville, we have over 20 years of practice. Yes, through the years we have made mistakes.

  • We have learned from and adapted to in order to correct and prevent from happening again.
  • We have learned the proper techniques and procedures.
  • We have learned the proper tools and products to use for each unique job.

We now have over 20 years of wisdom, knowledge, growth and perfection to instill into your home or business. 20 years of perfecting what we love doing most... Making things beautiful.


The LoRusso Difference


 The LoRusso Difference comes from a combination of our Professionally trained and skilled painters, the Quality we put into our work, the Pride that clearly shows in the final product; And the Integrity that seals it all together.

We aren't the in and out get the job done and leave type of company. We are the company that looks at every angle, triple checks each step of a project, thinks twice and acts once. When we finish a home we can walk away proud and with an extremely pleased customer.




Want to know more? Come and see why Clay County including Orange park, Fleming Island, Argyle, Riverside, Green Cover Springs and Mandarin has been choosing us since 1993

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