Bring your deck back to life with our premium restoration services

Don't give up hope just yet on your wooden decks! Be it a pool deck, a patio, or a stairwell. With our Premium Deck Restoration Package you'll have your deck looking like it was just built in no time! You see, we understand the causes of wood damage, decay or debris build-up. For many years right here in Fleming Island and Orange Park we have been trusted to restore residential home-owners decks from the brink of no return.


our deck restoring & sealing process

First of all, We have to get all that mildew and build-up off of the wood. To do that we Pressure Wash & Mildicide the decks. This washes out all dirt and mildew from all the pores and cracks in the wood. Now we have a clean unsealed deck. Let's fix that! With the right preparation to ensure the protection of any concrete, metal or other obstacles in the area we use a stain and sealant to bring back the vitality and youth to your deck. This is a muti-step process. Stain can be semi-transparent or a solid color of your choosing from the thousands of colors available. You also have the option to use a fully transparent wood sealant and skip the staining all together if you wish. By the end of our process you'll have one of the best looking decks in all of Fleming Island and Orange Park!